Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Victims of IslamophobiaVictims of Islam
474 killed and 320 wounded by jihadist attacks around the world

This was a bloody month for the world. Thankfully, there is not even a single report of anyone having been killed as a result of Islamophobia. However, the situation is looking very different when it comes to those killed in the name of Islam, also known as ‘jihad’.

Here are the details from these attacks:

2021.09.27NigeriaMassu10A pastor is lynched by a Muslim mob.
2021.09.27KenyaLamu150al-Shabaab claims to have killed fifteen Kenyans in a bombing and shooting attack.
2021.09.26NigeriaSokoto220ISWAP gunmen attack a local security base, killing twenty-two.
2021.09.26NigeriaKamacha13Sectarian motives are attributed to a deadly attack on a church.
2021.09.26IraqAbbara54Muslim terrorists stop a civilian vehicle with a bomb, then open fire on first responders, killing five.
2021.09.26NigeriaMadamai3723Fulani terrorists massacre nearly forty villagers with machetes and guns.
2021.09.25YemenMidi620Ansar Allah rebels send a missle into a celebration, killing a half dozen.
2021.09.25AfghanistanJalalabad17An Islamic State bomb blast claims one life.
2021.09.25SomaliaMogadishu87A woman and two children are among eight exterminated by a suicide bomber.
2021.09.24NigeriaDikwa89A brutal roadside ambush by Jihadists kills eight local security personnel.
2021.09.24MaliNiangasagou10An ISWAP sniper picks off a French soldier.
2021.09.24AfghanistanBorder10The Taliban shoot and kill a man trying to flee the country with his family.
2021.09.24PakistanMianwali20Two woman are honor-killed by their brother for marrying by choice.
2021.09.24IraqHamrin11A child is felled by Mujahideen shelling.
2021.09.23MozambiqueLindi22Islamists kill two villagers and kidnap several women and girls.
2021.09.23MozambiqueQuissanga10Islamic militants fire on a passing bus, killing one occupant.
2021.09.23SomaliaMarka22An al-Shabaab bomb blast near a garage takes out two bystanders.
2021.09.23IraqKhalidiyah10Mujahid bombers send a shepherd to Allah.
2021.09.23IraqAin Tamr10A woman is shredded by a well-place mine.
2021.09.23AfghanistanJalalabad10ISIS member dispatch a Religion of Peace rival with pistols.
2021.09.23DRCKomanda110ADF Islamists attack a shopping mall, killing eleven.
2021.09.22IndiaMohammad Pora10The body of a victim killed in Islamic captivity is recovered.
2021.09.22ThailandBan Nam Bor11Muslim militants throw two grenades at a passing vehicle, killing an occupant.
2021.09.22AfghanistanJalalabad45An ISIS attack on a gas station leaves four dead, including a child.
2021.09.21AfghanistanNangarhar12An ISIS bomb blast exterminates a child.
2021.09.21SomaliaBuloburde15An al-Shabaab attack on an airport leaves one dead.
2021.09.21SyriaBusayra10Suspected ISIS gun down a man in front of his family.
2021.09.21IraqIntisar20Militants stab a woman and her 11-year-old daughter to death.
2021.09.21IraqGarmyan22Two men are mortally wounded by ISIS gunmen.
2021.09.20MozambiqueQuissanga70Seven villagers are murdered by Islamists, some by beheading.
2021.09.20AfghanistanCenar40Four men are shot to death in front of their family by ISIS after identifying themselves as Christians.
2021.09.20MaliMopti40Four local security personnel are leveled by an Islamist IED.
2021.09.20AfghanistanJalalabad20Two more ISIS blasts leave at least two dead.
2021.09.19SomaliaBul-Burte15al-Shabaab plant a bomb at an airport office, which kills one worker.
2021.09.19ChadKadjigoroum90Jihadists massacre nine residents at a fishing village.
2021.09.19AfghanistanJalalabad510A child is among five taken down hard by Islamic shrapnel.
2021.09.19PakistanDhal Behzadi10Hardliners fire on a polio team, killing the guard.
2021.09.18PhilippinesDatu Piang17Islamists throw a bomb into a volleyball match featuring LGBT participants, killing one.
2021.09.18AfghanistanJalalabad320An ISIS bomb blast kills three along the edge of a city.
2021.09.18NigeriaYelewata21An early morning attack by armed Muslims leaves a young man and woman dead.
2021.09.18PakistanSimauni10A young woman is beaten to death by her father in an Islamic honor killing.
2021.09.17AfghanistanBorder20Two men are captured by the Taliban and executed for trying to flee the country.
2021.09.17IndiaMoradabad10An honor killing at a market leaves one dead.
2021.09.17IndiaNehama10A day laborer is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2021.09.17IndiaKulgam10Mujahideen gun down an off-duty cop.
2021.09.16NigeriaMonguno1813Two civilians and sixteen security personnel are slaughtered when their convoy is ambushed by Islamists.
2021.09.16AfghanistanPanjshir30Three women are found shot to death by the Taliban.
2021.09.16CameroonMoutchikar320Boko Haram fire into a village in the middle of the night, killing three.
2021.09.15DRCBeni60Armed Islamists massacre a half-dozen villagers, including a woman.
2021.09.15SudanNierteti12Janjaweed kill a woman and injure her daughter and mother.
2021.09.15PakistanAsman Manza70Seven local soldiers lose their lives to a Tehrik-e-Taliban terror attack.
2021.09.15IraqJurf al-Nasr10Sunni extremists fire on and eliminate a civilian.
2021.09.15IraqDiyala20A shepherd is among two Iraqis murdered in separate ISIS attacks.
2021.09.14AfghanistanPanjshir10Video is released showing the Taliban executing a captive.
2021.09.14AfghanistanPanjshir10A farmer is pulled from his home and shot by the Taliban.
2021.09.14SomaliaMogadishu1110A suicide bomber goes off inside a tea shop, killing eleven innocents.
2021.09.14IraqJalawlaa10ISIS members pick off a passerby with an IED.
2021.09.14IraqWajihiyah20Two truck drivers are shot to death by Mujahideen.
2021.09.14IraqSalahudin10A man is murdered in his own home by the Islamic State.
2021.09.13IraqTal Afar10Jihadi gunmen pick off a civilian.
2021.09.13IraqTala’a31ISIS gunmen attack a security checkpoint outside a small village, killing three.
2021.09.13AfghanistanKabul10A 28-year-old father of 3 is gunned down by the Taliban along a city street.
2021.09.13PakistanSouth Waziristan10A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes one other soul with him.
2021.09.12AfghanistanKabul20Two boys, ages 9 and 10, are beheaded by Taliban fundamentalists.
2021.09.12NigeriaKabba20Boko Haram stage a prison break with the help of the Muslim chaplain, killing two guards.
2021.09.12NigeriaApyizhime Jim110Eleven villagers are cut down by Fulani gunmen, including two pregnant women.
2021.09.12IraqDaqouq43Islamic State members machine-gun four policemen point-blank.
2021.09.12IndiaSrinagar10A Muslim radical with a pistol assassinates a police officer along a city street.
2021.09.12IraqMakhmour10An ISIS roadside bomb claims one life.
2021.09.12Iraqal-Azim32Three Iraqis fail to survive an ISIS attack.
2021.09.12Burkina FasoSakoani67A group linked to al-Qaeda is suspected in the shooting deaths of six members of a mining party.
2021.09.12MaliMacina Circle50Jihadists ambush a security patrol and kill five members.
2021.09.11SomaliaSool10al-Shabaab is suspected in the murder of a local lawmaker.
2021.09.11AfghanistanDesert10A former soldier is beheaded to shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’.
2021.09.11IraqMakmur40A town’s mayor is among four murdered by Jihadists.
2021.09.11NigeriaKango-Kataf10Muslim militants are heavily suspected of hacking a pastor to death with machetes.
2021.09.11NigeriaZangon Kataf20Two young farm workers are cut down in their field by Muslim militants.
2021.09.10AfghanistanKabul10The Taliban torture a man by pulling out his nails, then kill him.
2021.09.10DRCBeni90Nine villagers are massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.09.10DRCIturi40ADF Islamists fire into a local army base, killing four.
2021.09.10AfghanistanKabul10A woman is shot to death by the Taliban with a baby in her arms.
2021.09.10AfghanistanKabul22Two Christian parents are reportedly killed by the Taliban, who then rape their daughters.
2021.09.10AfghanistanKabul10A man is reportedly beheaded in front of his wife and children.
2021.09.10PakistanMir Ali20Terrorists gun down two people outside their home.
2021.09.10AfghanistanKabul42The UN reports four more protesters murdered by the Taliban.
2021.09.10IraqArab Barghash20Two agricultural workers are vaporized by Mujahid shrapnel.
2021.09.10AfghanistanPanjshir30A shopkeeper and his two sons are executed in cold blood by fundamentalists.
2021.09.09AfghanistanPanjshir20The brother of the former VP is tortured to death by the Taliban, along with his driver.
2021.09.09AfghanistanKabul20Two men who reportedly helped Taliban opponents are executed.
2021.09.08AfghanistanKabul11The Taliban pump three bullets into a man’s head in an attack that also injures his brother.
2021.09.08SudanNyala11Suspected Janjiweed fire on and kill a bank employee.
2021.09.08YemenMarib1824An assault by Ansar Allah leaves eighteen others dead.
2021.09.08IraqBaqubah31Mujahid gunmen smoke three civilians riding in their car.
2021.09.08SyriaDaraa73A bomb planted by Sunni terrorists leaves seven dead.
2021.09.07PakistanPanjgur20Muslim terrorists open fire on two health workers, bringing down both.
2021.09.07AfghanistanPanjshir200A family reports more than a dozen innocents pulled from their homes and executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.07AfghanistanOrmarz120Women and children are among at least a dozen executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.07PakistanDosalli20Two young Pakistanis are taken out by an Islamist IED.
2021.09.07AfghanistanHerat24The Taliban fire into a protest, killing at least four demonstrators.
2021.09.07AfghanistanParwan10A boy is killed by Taliban gunmen during a protest.
2021.09.07PhilippinesBeaver Ridge, WV20Two locals are gunned down by an Abu Sayyaf splinter group.
2021.09.07EgyptSheikh Zuweid10A local cop is shot dead by Islamists.
2021.09.06NigeriaRenwienku30Three farmers are shot dead by militant Muslims.
2021.09.05IraqKirkuk50Five Iraqis are murdered by Islamic State loyalists.
2021.09.05IraqQaraj31Radical Sunnis attack a chckpoint and kill three members.
2021.09.05IraqRashad130At least thirteen local cops are killed in brutal attack by Jihadists.
2021.09.05PakistanQuetta320A sucide car bomber rams a checkpoint, killing three people.
2021.09.05AfghanistanKabul20A religious scholar and his student are murdered by the Taliban.
2021.09.04SyriaRaqqa10An ISIS mine takes out a bystander in the former caliphate capital.
2021.09.04AfghanistanFirozkoh10The Taliban murder a pregnant policewoman in front of her family, then mutilate her.
2021.09.04GermanyBerlin01A woman is stabbed in the neck by a migrant who preached Islam and did felt women should stay at home.
2021.09.04DRCIturi300Thirty civilians are massacred by ADF Jihadists with machetes.
2021.09.04YemenAden12Shiite militia are suspected of a bomb blast that leaves one dead.
2021.09.04SomaliaMogadishu10The government announces that a missing woman has been killed by al-Shabaab.
2021.09.03New ZealandAuckland06A migrant stabs six people at a supermarket while yelling ‘Allah Akbar.’
2021.09.02IraqShahali Kon11ISIS loyalists kill one person and kidnap another.
2021.09.01AfghanistanBadghis20Two former police officers are executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.01ArmeniaNakhichevan10Another Armenian border guard is picked off by a sniper.
2021.09.01IraqQaim10A captured border guard is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2021.09.01YemenLawdar24Suspected al-Qaeda fire randomly at a checkpoint, killing two.
2021.09.01DRCOfaye450ADF Islamists ambush a convoy of civilians, killing four and kidnapping fifty.
2021.09.01NigeriaMirari13Boko Haram gunfire claims one life.