Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Reverend Yohanna Shuaibu

Butchered by Muslims with machete. Also his house was burned to the ground. The church and school he was leading were also burned. His wife and children escaped and are currently in hiding.

“The late Reverend Shuaibu noticed that the tension was dowsed and he thought he could stay with his family and people, but the Moslems gathered their mob and descended on him, macheted him badly, burnt down his house, the church, and the school in the night.

“His wife was able to sneak out with the children in the midst of the mob since it was dark already. The report reached the brethren in other villages and the vice CAN chairman called the police. Before they arrived, the damage was already great. They rushed him to the hospital to try to resuscitate him but he could not make it.

“Reverend stood his ground for the faith even unto death. He went to be with the LORD. The main problem here is the fate of the believers in that community and his family for which he left nothing to live on as he has all these years been serving faithfully by faith, not for money.

“This is the story of the life of a Christian soldier, the ambassador of the LORD, who was hunted and gruesomely killed at his duty post and his wrong was that he was a servant of the LORD! We know that at this kind of time, it takes an immeasurable risk to be a Christian, especially in the northern part of Nigeria! Anyone serving God in Christ, can’t be sure of the following day in this body being in the North.

“Pastor Shuaibu, a soldier of Christ whose blood was spilled for the sake of his faith in Christ went to be with the LORD on the 23rd September, 2021. You fought a good fight and won the race, your crown awaits you! We are sure we shall see you someday at the foot of the Master. We are sad here but heaven rejoices over your return! The comfort of the LORD is available for your family and the entire body of Christ.”

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